“Successful Hosting of the CITEX Bangkok DAO Crypto Party”

“With the Thai government providing more positive policies for the development of the crypto industry and Web3.0, Thailand has become one of the most promising regions for Web3.0 development, attracting more practitioners and enthusiasts in the crypto industry from around the world to gather in Bangkok.”


Hosted by CITEX Exchange and organized by Meta Media, and co-hosted by UnionPay, Noah’s Ark, and Taikula projects, the “CITEX Bangkok DAO Crypto Party” was successfully held on May 13, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. This event attracted crypto industry enthusiasts and practitioners from China the United States, Switzerland, Hungary, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and other regions, providing a good resource connection bridge for crypto industry enthusiasts and Web3.0 entrepreneurs around the world and helping more crypto projects integrate into the Thailand market.


At the event, CITEX Global founder William shared CITEX’s strategic layout and development plan. Founded in 2018, CITEX’s main business modules are distributed in the exchange business, mining field, and project incubation. At the same time, CITEX has participated in the construction of local DAOs in Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and other regions, making efforts to better integrate into local markets. In the future, CITEX will continue to improve its brand, continue to expand its global development route, and strengthen its underlying technology security architecture to provide a solid foundation for CITEX’s development.


This event invited institutions and relevant responsible persons such as Near, Conflux, Cointime,feixiaohao,Blockbeats,Ethereumfail,KOCODAO,7o’clockCapital,ChainCatacher, PlugChain,ChainTimes,etc.to participate.



Bangkok DAO is a crypto and Web3.0 DAO organization initiated by Meta Media founder Ken, CITEX Exchange as a co-founder, aiming to provide a stable resource connection and communication platform for industry practitioners. Bangkok DAO adheres to an open and inclusive attitude, welcoming more Web3.0 enthusiasts and practitioners to participate in promoting the construction of Bangkok DAO and development of the industry.



Thanks for the sponsorship and support of UnionPay, Noah’s Ark, and Taikula projects.


UnionPay is jointly initiated by precious metal investment alliance institutions (focusing on global precious metal trading markets and processing sales) and top blockchain technology teams. Anchoring the silver standard empowers the substantial value and ecological space of USBT to create a digital economic system for the banking industry.

Gather all industries to promote economic benefits and people’s livelihoods, and promote freedom!


Noah’s Ark is a Web3.0 metaverse ecological platform driven by AI artificial intelligence technology. It participates in and invests in virtual worlds and blockchain games based on non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) in the form of a DAO decentralized organization. Share and added value. Where users can create, connect, socialize, explore and play like never before, becoming their own heroes.

On the Noah’s Ark platform, any brand from the traditional world or the encrypted world can seamlessly integrate and establish their portal in the Noah’s Ark world through Noah’s Ark’s original artificial intelligence engine, achieving a rapid spiral from 1 to 100 , creating a new paradigm


Taikula is tired of watching everyone play hot potato with the endless derivative Shiba,Cum,GME,lon,Kishu,Turbo,Ass,Moon,Inu coins. The Inu’s have had their day. It’s time for the most recognizable meme in the world to take his reign as king of the memes. Taikula is here to make memecoins great again. Launched stealth with no presale, zero taxes, LP burnt and contract renounced, $Taikula is a coin for the people, forever. Fueled by pure memetic power, let $Taikula show you the way

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