Orbits Global Elite Leaders Summit – Going to the Future of Decentralized Finance

On April 23, 2023, Orbits will hold a global elite leadership summit in Dubai, UAE. This summit aims to discuss the future of decentralized finance, share Orbits’ global expansion and development, gather global elites, and explore the development of decentralized finance Together, we will go to the future of decentralized finance.
The summit invited experts and scholars from all over the world, financial practitioners, blockchain enthusiasts and members of the Orbits community to discuss the development of decentralized finance and how to better serve decentralized finance. society.
As a leading decentralized exchange, Orbits’ goal has always been to bring decentralized finance to a wider audience, providing them with a safer, more transparent and more efficient trading experience. This global expansion plan will further promote the expansion of Orbits’ global influence and market share.
Chris, founder and CEO of Orbits DeX, said: “Orbits’ global expansion plan is an important milestone for our company. We will work closely with decentralized financial institutions around the world to jointly promote the development of decentralized finance and provide users with Better decentralized trading services.”

The implementation of the global expansion plan will enable Orbits to better serve global users and meet the needs of different users. At the same time, Orbits will also strengthen cooperation with global decentralized financial institutions to promote innovation, knowledge sharing and ecological construction, giving Orbits more advantages in the field of decentralized finance.
Anna, the chief marketing officer of Orbits, is about to give a speech on the theme of “Orbits Global Expansion and Comprehensive Development”. Orbits is committed to promoting the development of decentralized finance, allowing more people to participate in decentralized finance through technological innovation and global expansion. in the field. At the same time, Orbits will continue to innovate and improve its own technology and products to better serve community members and global users.
In addition to the CMO’s speech, Orbits’ global vice president VP KY will also give an interpretation of Orbits’ liquidity market-making benefits. In the field of decentralized finance, liquidity market-making is a very important field, and it is also a relatively complicated field. Orbits has been committed to breaking the technical and threshold problems in the field of liquidity market-making, and providing users with more efficient, safe and low-cost liquidity market-making services. Through VP KY’s speech, everyone will have a deeper understanding of Orbits’ liquidity market-making strategy and technological innovation, and at the same time be able to more comprehensively grasp the development trends and trends in the field of liquidity market-making.

Finally, this Global Elite Leaders Summit will also hold a roundtable forum with the theme of “Decentralized Finance is the Future”, inviting experts and leaders in the industry to discuss and exchange the future and development direction of decentralized finance . This roundtable forum will be a platform for communication and sharing, and will also point out the direction and provide reference for the future development of decentralized finance. We are looking forward to the holding of this roundtable forum and believe that this roundtable summit will be a complete success.
A number of social activities were also held during the summit, allowing guests and participants to have more opportunities to communicate and share, and to jointly feel the great value and potential brought by decentralized finance.
The Orbits Global Elite Leaders Summit is an important node in the development process of Orbits, marking Orbits’ continuous advancement in the field of decentralized finance, and will continue to work hard to promote the development of decentralized finance and provide better decentralized financial services for global users. financial services.

About Orbits DeX

Orbits is a centralized exchange supported by ZK-SNARK, committed to providing users with safer, more transparent and more efficient trading services. At present, Orbits has launched the mainnet spot and contract transactions. Orbits uses decentralized technology to achieve the security, transparency and efficiency of transaction assets, and through cooperation with the world’s top decentralized financial institutions, it continues to expand the transaction ecology, aiming to become the leader of global decentralized finance, for Users provide more diversified, safer and more efficient decentralized financial services.

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